Obesity & Nutrition

From ‘foodies’ to the latest diet fad, we have become obsessed with what we eat–and to a large extent, science has driven our interest in eating. Almost weekly there is a study in the mainstream media about what we should or should not be eating to improve our health. Epigenetics has been wrapped up in the food craze too–as many the results of many studies show links between diet and epigenetic changes on our genes. For example, some data suggest that the food we eat can influence the activity of our genes. Interesting studies in mice have shown that when expecting mothers eat a diet devoid of a certain nutrient it can have adverse effects on the developing fetus and their offspring can have a host of health problems like increased cancer risks and obesity. Our understanding of how these results translate to humans is still evolving, and the evidence is also strong that these changes reverse when our diet changes. Our increased attention on the food we eat is good for our overall health, but how much epigenetics is involved is a still question with a developing answer.

Understanding Epigenetics:
Obesity & Nutrition
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