Epigenetics Experts
Episona Inc., which describes itself as an epigenetics data company, announced on October 17, 2016, the launch of Seed, the first ever male fertility test based on the detection of epigenetic marks on the DNA carrier in sperm cells. The company says this type of information goes beyond the traditional metrics for male fertility: count and motility. The test detects for…
June 20, 2016
Social behavior affected by epigenetic modification of a single gene
March 31, 2016
Epigenetic changes in developing fetuses linked to smoking during pregnancy
Latest Research
The emerging role of epigenetics in autoimmune thyroid diseases
January 1, 2016 • Nicholas Starapoli • Cell Press
Obesity and menopause modify the epigenomic profile of breast cancer
January 1, 2016 • Nicholas Starapoli • Cell Press